His own illustrations

As a child, I loved drawing and did lots of it. My parents’ house still contains lots of comic strips which I drew when I was a child.
I only started combining composing and drawing at quite a late age.
The first time was with the piano piece 'HCA – birthday party for Hans Christian Andersen' (2005), in which I drew the silhouettes of the fairy tale characters in question: the little matchstick girl, Holger the Dane, Waldemar Daee, the solid tin soldier, the little mermaid, and the red shoes.
In 2008, the time of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' hype, I did a counterweight piano piece called the 'Pirate of the North Sea'. Naturally, there was also a matching funny drawing.
Since then, I’ve preferred to illustrate my scores myself, especially if the music is intended for children, such as the piano compilations 'Crusade in Pyjamas' (2012) and 'There’s a Mole Among Us!' (2013).

  • Birthdayparty for Hans Christian Andersen
  • Birthdayparty voor Hans Christian Andersen
  • Pirate of the North Sea
  • Crusade in pyjamas
  • Katapulten-rag
  • Sultan Saladin schaakt
  • De Seltsjoekse hobbelpaarden
  • Grafschrift voor Barbarossa
  • Het masker van de koning
  • Ballet van de Kalief
  • Godfried maakt bouillon
  • De vergeten jasmijn
  • There's a Mole Among Us!
  • The Rebellious Mole
  • The Mole from Siberia
  • Mole Macabre
  • The Far West Mole
  • Tango Tre-Mole-Ando
  • MIB (Mole In Black)
  • LAbyrinth of Moles
  • The Do It Yourself Mole
  • Kludde, de waterduivel
  • Fa, God of Fate and Destiny
  • The Wizard of O.
Birthdayparty for Hans Christian Andersen
Birthdayparty for Hans Christian Andersen