Bart Van Kerchove (°1976) made his first musical steps at the City Academy for Music and Drama in Lokeren.
He took piano lessons in a class taught by Lieve Saerens.
From the very beginning, he improvised with his own music and recorded his first short pieces for piano solo, such as ‘The Eagle’ (1989).
He became laureate of various national piano competitions such as the Cantabile piano competition and Axion classics.

After that, he continued his studies at the Music Department of the Hogeschool Gent (University College of Ghent) where he gained his master’s degree for piano with the highest distinction in the classes taught by Johan Duijck.
During his piano studies, he continued to take the composition course as a subsidiary subject.

To further his skill in composition, he took lessons in composition and instrumentation under Jan Van Landeghem at the Royal Music Academy of Brussels.

Since 2000, he has been teaching piano and practical accompaniment at the City Music Academy in Ostend, and, since 2003, he’s been piano accompanist at the City Academy of Music, Drama, and Dance in Deinze.
Since 2011, he’s been asked to act as piano accompanist for the annual VLAMO competition.

In 2000, his ‘Oratio brevis’ was included on the CD ‘Miniatures for Archipelago’, with music from 25 modern Flemish composers.
He composed the music for the theatre production ‘The Little Prince’ at the Arlequin Theatre in Liege (productions in seasons 2005-06 and 2006-07) and he has written the music for the musical theatre productions of ‘The story of the Soldier’ (2004, 40 public productions) and ‘The Birthday of the Infant’ (2007), performed in each case by the Aram company and Mong Rosseel.
In 2008, he wrote the music for ‘Kasia’ by Elisabet Lladó, a short film that has been selected for the Cannes Film Festival and has won various prizes at several film festivals (e.g. Abu Dhabi, Alès, and Cineposible).
In 2009, at the request of the Academy Orchestra of Deinze, he wrote the orchestral work ‘La calma de la mar’ (The calm of the ocean).

In 2010, he recorded a CD of piano works by Norbert Goddaer ('The Age of the Horizon') in the auditorium of Piano’s MAENE in Ruiselede.

Most of his compositions are intended for students that follow part-time artistic education (PTAE). Some of them are published by Golden River Music.
His most successful piano titles have been 'Pirate of the North Sea' (2008) and the compilation of ‘Piano Rogues' (2011).
His most successful horn and piano titles have been 'Unicorn' and 'Rhinoceros' (2011).

Since 2012, Bart Van Kerchove has been publishing his own work via Yellow Music Editions.
Apart from his latest compilations for piano, 'Crusade in Pyjamas' (2012; in which piano students are introduced to all the keys with sharps in a playful manner) and 'There’s a Mole Among Us!' (2013; keys with minors), he has also released recent work for trombone and piano, and also for trumpet and piano. 
He also has new titles for mezzo-soprano and piano, including 'Fairy Tale' (2011) and '2 songs by P.C. Boutens' (2012).

Since 1989, he has formed a piano duet with pianist An Hoorelbeke, who is also his partner in life. Together with their two children, Jan and Felix, they live in Machelen-aan-de-Leie.