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Uitgaven Yellow Music Editions

Travelling through the inner Chi (2006)




PIANO solo

'Inter-mezzo' was written for a lunchconcert in the Conservatorium aan Zee (march 2019), as an intermezzo between French impressionistic songs, performed together with mezzo-soprano Isabelle Dekeyser.

Price: 9,50 EUR



YME 2017/001

PIANO SOLO - professional

This work is a complaint against our country's policy of migration. The subtitle is 'No one is illegal, we are all Earthlings.' The composition is dedicated to someone who lives allready 7 years in Belgium, but who's future is still uncertain: until today she does not know if she can stay here or not.* 

The returns of the sale of this work, go completely to the  NGO 'Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen'. Thanks for your support! 

Thanks to Pianohandel Janssens (Dendermonde) who made the recording possible on a beautiful Shigeru Kawai.

Thanks to JB-signs (Machelen-Zulte) for the press-work.

* situation at the date of publication, spring 2017

Price: 10,00 EUR


Variations on a Theme by Mozart


For PIANO SOLO - professional

14 variations on a famous theme by Mozart! Written for pianist Bart Meynckens.

Price: 11,50 EUR


'B'ifurcation Point


PIANO SOLO - professional level

At the hands of mankind, the Earth's ecosystem has changed radically. Mankind has come to a bifurcation point, and has to make a choice: keep going like we always did (and disturb the ecosystem in an irrevocable way), or drastically re-invent our way of life, choosing a sustainable future for our planet. This is not a publicity for Greenpeace, but the essence of 'B'IFURCATION POINT. An alarm for the global warming. Each of us can make a difference, being aware of our power as consumer!

Selected for 'Fingerprints #2', a CD-production of Klara, Flanders Arts Institute en ComAV. Interpreted by pianist Dorenda Notermans. Broadcast on Klara (11 july 2016). 

Price: 9,50 EUR





for PIANO SOLO - professional

Dedicated to Joris Roose, a collegue, musician, guitarist, gentleman and friend: a Coryfee at  'Conservatorium aan Zee', Ostend, Belgium.


Price: 9,50 EUR