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For FLUTE and PIANO - professional level

'Traversée' can be interpreted as a crossing, which you want to make as a human being, a kind of evolution maybe, that you want to go through, but which seems to be impossible to reach. In the music there is first the awareness, that you want to make that travel, then the awareness is transforming to anintense desire, almost a desperation, because it seems to be impossible. There is also a kind of struggle with oneself, and in the end a desillusion and resignation because 'the other side' is unreachable. 

Interpreters on the recording: Ensemble Seafonia: Annelies Langenaekens, flute, Bart Meynckens, piano.

Price: 16,50 EUR


Masques et squelettes



For the Ensor-commemoration in Ostend in 2019 (exactly 70 years ago, the most famous habitant of Ostend, the paintor James Ensor, passed away), Bart Van Kerchove received the commission to write to write a composition in the spirit of James Ensor's paintings. It became 'Masques et squelettes' ('Masks and skeletons'), for flute and piano. In the work there is a reference to a piano composition of James Ensor, who was a composer too, namely 'Gamme d'amour'. 

Performed by Annelies Langenaekens, flute, and Bart Van Kerchove, piano

Price: 16,50 EUR